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1937 - Children's Treat from Ship Croft (picture)

A few of the children entertained to a Christmas treat at Wombwell by the Ship Croft outing club.

A supplement to the beneficent work of Santa Claus was achieved at Wombwell by a committee of parents known as the Ship Croft outing club.

Early on the festival morning about 120 children, some of whom are pictured above from the workaday neighbourhood of Gower Street and Milton Street (Ship Croft) assembled at the Ship Inn in Park Street where the genial patron saint was impersonated, much to the delight of the little guests, by Mr J Smith, heavily disguised behind a blanket of cotton-wool whiskers and wearing the traditional gnome cap and red cloak.

Santa Claus gave to each child a suitable toy or novelty, while members of the committee distributed apples and oranges.

The event was memorable for the children in that it gave them an opportunity of displaying in bulk the good things they found in their stockings.

The treat was provided from a balance of the Ship Croft Children Outing Fund, which afforded the children a happy day at Cleethorpes last summer.

Mrs Hague, of 40 Gower St is secretary