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1908 - Worried About Soldier Son

Sheffield Daily Telegraph December 15, 1908

Worried About Soldier Son

A pathetic case of attempted suicide was brought to the notice of the Barnsley West Riding magistrates yesterday, the defendant be Mrs Mary Jane Bourne this, wife of Charles Henry born, miner, Milton St, Wombwell.

It was explained that during the past week or two Mrs Bourne had been worrying at the non-receipt of news from her son, who was a soldier in India, and had become so depressed that on Saturday she obtained from a local chemist a mixture of laudanum, chlorodyne and aniseed, which she said she required for a cold.

The chemist told her not take it in an undiluted state, but, on reaching home, she swallowed the lot and gave the empty bottle to her husband, who once rushed off the chemist, ascertained what the contents of the bottle had been, and called in a doctor.

The husband who said they had been married for 24 years, said he did not see why his wife should be worried about the son. It was quite possible that he was away in the hills, away from means of communication, and it was not unusual for a month to elapse without the receipt of a letter. Moreover he was a steady lad and doing well in the Army.

Witness promised to look after her well in the future, and on her undertaking not to offend again, defendant was discharged.