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1914 - Two Men and a Woman -Arrest after a Sharp Sprint

Sheffield Independent January 3, 1914

Two Men and a Woman

An Arrest after a Sharp Sprint

The arrest of two prisoners on a charge of housebreaking at Wombwell has evidently led to the detection of two men who are suspected to be responsible for similar offences elsewhere.

The prisoner, William Dalton, vocalist, a young man of smart appearance, and Wilfred Davies, vocalist, both described as of no fixed abode, were charged yesterday at Barnsley with breaking into the house of Mrs Carrie Talbot, Park Street, Wombwell and stealing therefrom 7 shillings in cash and jewellery value £10. on 23rd December. Fanny Dalton, wife of one of the prisoners, had been arrested on a charge of receiving’s the stolen property, but no evidence was offered against her, and she was discharged.

The Police Story

Superintendent McDonnell explained that Dalton went to live with the Davies at their lodgings at Mexborough, and Mrs Dalton came from Birmingham to join her husband. Mrs Davey, who was fulfilling an engagement as a vocalist at the Doncaster public out, appeared to be the only worker of the family.

The two men kept in the house during the day, and though they did not work they appeared to have plenty of money. Reports of robberies became frequent, and it was evident that Mexborough got too hot for them, with the result that on December 22 the party moved to Wombwell.

Superintendent McDonnell said the evidence would show that the male prisoners were constantly together, and on the night of 23rd of December, Mrs Talbot's house was broken into and the rooms were ransacked. It would be proved that the prisoners were together later at their lodgings, and is the result of information from others district both the male prisoners were interviewed by the police on 26th of December. At the time it was not deemed advisable to arrest them.

What a Search Revealed

On the morning of 27th December the prisoners absconded, leaving word they had gone to Birmingham. A search warrant was obtained and at Dalton's lodgings a leather bag was found covered with books etc. The bag contained the proceeds of the robbery with which they were charged and article which had been stolen from other districts.

David was later arrested and Dalton, whoreturn the following morning, was also arrested. Dalton given his wife £10 to give to Mr Davies. Just prior to Davies arrest the prisoner returned to his lodgings and asked for his supper in a hurry, saying he was “cutting it.”

Among the witnesses was Heather Davey, wife of one of the prisoners, who stated that after the time of the offence Dalton was with her husband at her lodgings. She heard him say “This stick bent always. I don’t now we got in. We were disturbed.”

Gone to Birmingham

When the men were leaving, Dalton told her to say there gone to Birmingham, but they were going to Middlesbrough or Newcastle. She received a telegram from him from Middlesbrough and she was also instructed to send the bag, which later proved to contain jewellery, addressed to Mr Henry Jones, Middlesbrough. Witness said her husband had not had any money except what she gave him since January last.

Fanny Dalton, wife of the prisoner, also gave evidence, admitting she had the key of the bag, but her husband did not tell her what it contained. When her husband gave her the money for Mrs Davey he said he had won it in bets on boxing contests.

PC Turkbright gave evidence regarding the arrest of the men. The bag, he said, some contained two skeleton keys and an iron chisel, the point at which corresponded with the marks on the door and window sash.

“I Expected It”

At Davey’s lodgings an electric flashlight was found. When Davey was arrested he remarked, “What are you taking me for? Are you taking me for that Wath job?”

Sgt Sheppard told him it was the Wombwell robbery, when he answered, “I expected it. Have you got Will?” Subsequently Davey said, “I never saw the stuff.”

Sgt Sheppard said he arrested Dalton after a chase of about 60 or 70 yards. He had in his possession £6 12s 10d, a number of gold rings, and other articles of jewellery. Davey declared the last witness was a liar

The prisoners were committed for trial at Sheffield Sessions, and superintendent MacDonald added there were several officers from other forces in the court waiting to take the prisoners for other charges.