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1890 - Serious Accident at Darfield Main Colliery

Sheffield daily Telegraph August 20, 1890

Serious Accident at Darfield Main Colliery

Early yesterday morning Thomas Wood, of Park Street, Wombwell, employed as a night dataller at Darfield Main Colliery, met with a serious accident. Whilst working he was caught by a fall of stone. He was seriously injured in about the back and legs, and was excavated as quickly as possible.

He was taken to the Beckett hospital, Barnsley and was there found that besides suffering from extensive bruises to his body, his leg was broken.

The accident happened only 10 minutes before the unfortunate fellow would have ceased work.

Sheffield Independent August 21, 1890

Fatal Accident at Darfield Main Colliery

The man, Thomas Wood, of Park Street Wombwell, who was seriously injured at the Darfield Main colliery on Tuesday, yesterday succumbed to his injuries at the Beckett hospital.

Deceased leaves a widow and five children.