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1908 - Darfield Main Fatality - “An Unforeseen Accident”

Sheffield Independent March 2, 1908

Darfield Main Fatality
“An Unforeseen Accident”

On Saturday afternoon, Mr J Kenyon Parker held an inquest at the Congregational schoolroom on the death of John Thomas Farmer, a 23 years, trammer, of Hough Lane, Wombwell, who was killed by a fall of coal at the Darfield Main Colliery on Thursday last.

CH page, miner, was standing near to the deceased at the time of the fall, and was slightly injured about the head and shoulders, said he felt a “bump" from the floor when a piece of coal, weighing about a ton and ½ came down and pinned Farmer against a prop. Witness had previously examined the place and consider it safe.

Friend Brooks, miner, of low Valley, said he was several yards away and heard the fall. Page called out for assistance, and when he got to the place Farmer was dead.

The Coroner said that from the evidence it appeared that it was one of those unforeseen accidents, and the jury returned a verdict of “Accidentally killed.”