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1927 - Wombwell Billiards Championship

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 27, 1927

Wombwell Billiards Championship
The Finalists
The Wombwell and Darfield District amateur billiards championship may be won this year by a boy of 18.

This depends on the chances of James Fowler, a son of Mr and Mrs G.E. Fowler, of Hough Lane. He has reached the final, but to secure the trophy as to be James Redfern, of the Wombwell Reform Club. Fowler seems to have a gift for billiards, and there are more think he will win the “Stone” Cup than otherwise.

Fowler learned the game at the Temperance Club, Wombwell, where many good players have been discovered. As soon as possible we took advantage of the better facilities for practice at the Station Road WMC, under whose auspices he was nominated for the amateur championship competition this year. Members of the club are taking an enthusiastic interest in his fight for the championship title.

In the semi-final Fowler beat Abe Henshaw, Wombwell Main, at Jump last Saturday before a record crowd.