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1967 - Last Sad Message Which Was Not To Be

Last Sad Message Which Was Not To Be

June 1967

South Yorkshire Times June 10, 1967

Last Sad Message Which Was Not To Be

“See you at Manchester – 9 o’clock on Sunday morning.”

Miss Elsa James 52 years old widow, of 69 Hough Lane, Wombwell for many years licensee of the Horseshoe Hotel, Wombwell was among 72 people killed when an airliner carrying holidaymakers returning from Majorca crashed at Stockport, on Sunday.

She had flown many times before and last year spent a holiday in Capri.

At Palma

Mr James had spent this recent holiday at Palma with her niece’s mother-in-law, Mrs A Godwin of the Crown Hotel, Ossett. Her niece, former Miss Christine Smith, is daughter of Mr and Mrs David Smith, who for many years kept The Fox and hounds hotel at Shafton and now live in a new house at Shafton and. Mrs Godwin’s husband is a retired police officer.

Wonderful holiday

Neighbour, Mrs Sheila Glass, wife of Mr Eddie Glass, told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter, Mr James sent several letters and postcards telling us what a wonderful holiday she was having. The weather had been perfect, she said. The only thing she missed was seeing my children and their own friends, and all the cards she said she wish we were with her.

She told us what a marvellous hotel she had. The last card we had from her ended, “See you at Manchester at 9 o’clock on Sunday morning.

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