1929 - Six Year Old Knocked Down by Patrol Wagon

Sheffield Daily Telegraph November 12 1929

Connie Stables (6) of 16 Hawson St, Wombwell stepped off the payment in Park Street, Wombwell last night and was knocked down by a patrol wagon owned by the Dearne District light Railway.

The child was picked up unconscious and taken to hospital at Barnsley with a fractured skull


Sheffield Daily Telegraph November 18, 1929

Constance Ethel Stables (6), of 16 Hawson St, Wombwell died in the Beckett hospital Barnsley on Saturday, following being knocked down by a lorry a week ago.

Her skull was fractured

Sheffield Independent November 19, 1929

Wombwell Child Victim

Inquest Verdict

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned, the driver being exonerated from blame, at the inquest in Barnsley, yesterday, on Constance Ethel Stables (6) daughter of Mr and Mrs Ellis Stables, of 6 Hawson St, Wombwell, who died in Barnsley Beckett hospital, on Saturday, after being run over last Monday.

The child, it was stated, on the way to school about 1:10 p.m. was walking along Park Street, Wombwell, when she was knocked down and run over by a four ton lorry owned by the Dearne and District Light Railway company and driven by Patrick Keating, of Brampton.

Thomas Bowcock, fitter, 101, Barnsley Road, Wombwell, said the lorry was travelling at about 12 mph.

The coroner: That means, that although the lorry was only going at that speed, if the child stepped from the payment anything could happen? – Yes.

Patrick Keating, driver, said the child run in front of the lorry from the nearside. He was about 4 feet from when she darted in front.