1932 - Football Outrage - Shock For Newly Formed Wombwell Club

Sheffield daily Telegraph August 31, 1932


Football Outrage

Shock For Newly Formed  Wombwell Club

The newly formed  Hawson Street (Wombwell) F.C have been victims of the meanest outrage.

A match having been arranged against Winterwell Queens in the Barnsley Nelson League, the players went to the field to find that during the night the goalposts have been uprooted and the nets and other equipment scattered about this field. A hut had been overturned.


The Hawson Street club was formed only a few weeks ago, and it was there boast that within a period of a week they had inaugurated a club, secured a field, equipped the players, and gained admission to a Barnsley competition.


The damage was hastily  rectified and the match against Winterwell duly took place.