1899 - Brother Charged With Robbery

Sheffield Evening Telegraph April 7, 1899


Brother Charged With Robbery


A case of an unusual character came before the Barnsley bench today from Wombwell. George Fisher, labourer, of Hawson Street, was charged with having stolen a silver lever watch, value 30s, the property of his brother Herbert Fisher, also of Hawson St, Wombwell.


Superintendent Kane said the prosecutor and the prisoner were brothers, and resided together at their home at Hawson Street. On 1 April prosecutor left his watch hanging at his lodgings, and a day or two after saw prisoner wearing it, and asked him whose it was.


On the 14th he returned home drunk without the watch, and prosecutor reported the matter to the police and the watch was found in pawn.


Prosecutor was called and superintendent Kane asked him – “This is your brother; are you wishful to go on?”


Prosecutor: Yes


The Clerk: He must go on now.


Prosecutor, Swan, said he was a pony driver at Darfield Main and lived at Hawson Street. On 1 April at 6 o’clock he saw the watch safe in a drawer at his home. On the fourth he missed the watch, and seeing his brother, the prisoner, wearing the chain, asked him whose it was.


“Thah knows!” replied prisoner, then went away. Prisoner had no right to take it away, nor any authority to do so.


William Ebblewhite, manager of the Hoyland pawnshop of Guest &Co, said prisoner pawned the watch on the fourth inst for 12 shillings. He said it was his own.


Police Sgt Ellis proved that the arrestor prisoner, who admitted that he took the watch.


Prisoner was sent to go to jail for a month. He had been previously convicted.