1915 - Clay Workers Fatal Fall

Sheffield Daily Telegraph July 15, 1915

Clay Workers Fatal Fall

A verdict of “Accidentally killed by falling, whilst at his work, thereby sustaining a fracture in the base of the skull,” was returned at an enquiry at Wombwell yesterday, into the death of Frank Beevers, 70, Hawson Street, Wombwell, a young clay workers employed at the Darfield Main Brick Works.

George Whiting, 30, Hawson St, Wombwell, said he went to his dinner about 1220 on Tuesday, leaving deceased working along halfway up the face of the clay, that 15 feet from the bottom.

Witness returned, about 1 o’clock, and he found the deceased lying on his back in the bottom of the whole. He was bleeding from the nose, mouth and ears, and was apparently dead.