1938 - Swallowed Teeth - Cause of Man’s Death on Slag Heap

Sheffield Independent January 13, 1938

Swallowed Teeth

Cause of Man’s Death on Slag Heap

The discovery of artificial teeth in the throat of a dead man, giving a clue to death for which there was no other explanation, was mentioned at an inquest at Wombwell yesterday.

Inquest was on George Welbourne (40), Blyth St, Wombwell who collapsed on a slag heap at Darfield Main colliery on Monday.

Dr WC Jordan nine said he was puzzled as the cause of death until he found the teeth.

Two call pickers gave evidence of attempting off to Fisher restoration without result.

One of them Arthur Clarke, 32, Edward Street, Wombwell said Welbourne  complained of pains in his chest. He fell without warning. He made no noise but his lips were tight.

Dr John nine said the cause of death was shock, probably caused by impaction of the denture in the larynx.

Hearing something about fumes on the stack, he sent blood for examination, but there was no abnormal condition.

The coroner (Mr C J Haworth) said the man had swallowed his teeth, and the shock had caused him to become unconscious.

A verdict in accordance with the medical evidence was returned.