Wombwell spooky stories

A selction of  Spooky stories sent in by wombwell on the net viewers.

Many a strange things happen what just can't be explained, who knows!!!

If you can contribute to these stories please drop me a line.



 Let me start you all off with a story of mine.You may think what I'm going to tell you sounds just a little far fetched and unbelievable,all I can say to this is I can understand that, I too am the most skeptical person on the planet so even my own story to me sounds far fetched. 

One Saturday evening at around eleven thirty I was on my way to Barnsley from my home in wath.I was to pick up my friends from a late night party.I set off on the main road through Wath , Brampton,wombwell then onto Barnsley.The night was like any other night not too much happening, the weather good but cold. While driving through the small village of Brampton just near the new roundabout at the Junction public house I saw a very large object in the sky coming towards me,not giving this object any other thought other than it was a Aeroplane or Helicopter I carried on the road .I kept my eye on the sky and when I was just outside the pub the object was virtually on top of me but this time I could see that it was not what I thought.All I could see is a very large black mass there were no lights or none that I could see,this thing was traveling at dead slow and was very large.By now the object was over my head,I tried my best to keep an eye on it I could not hear any sound from this thing.To describe the object I saw I would say,very large, black,no lights,no sound and very slow moving the shape I said looked like a Stealth Bomber.All this was happening really fast I knew by this time what I was seeing was nothing I had seen before and nothing I could explain .I carried on with my journey and on arrival at the house of the party I decided to tell people what I had just witnessed,this was a mistake, a room full of semi drunken people just rolled on the floor in laughter,was to be expected I think. 

I will leave it up to you to make up your own minds .
Please let me know what you think.



It's funny you should describe seeing an aircraft in your story, Myself, My Dad and My Sister were standing out side in our back yard about 11:00PM in about November time in 1984 and we saw a similar object it came from the Wombwell woods area heading towards Brampton and so on.  It was huge and flying very low and all we could see when it flew over our heads was a black outline of a triangle and there was absolutely no noise.

Strange or what.  Dean




Dear Mark

After a night out in Barnsley 1964 my husband,  then boy friend and I were coming through  Wombwell Woods.As we turned a corner out in the road  out jumped  a man dressed like Guy  Fawkes, he threw his cape over his  face and we drove  straight  through him.Needles to say we got  the hell out of  Dodge.
Years later 1987 my twin sister Jane sent me  a  South Yorkshire  Times, on the front page a young woman, a student  at Sheffield University was  doing  research on ghosts in Wombwell Woods,dressed like Guy  Fawkes,She wanted information but  could not promise a letter back.I have often  wondered  what she found out.

Best  wishes Sallie.



Sent in by Mark Baynham 

It was around nineteen seventy one. My family had just moved from Kendray to a nice house at the top end of Summer lane. The house in question had been left in a will, to my grandmother by a longtime friend of the family who had very recently passed away. The gentleman who's house it was, I have very little recollection of him personally as I was only four years old at the time. I only knew him as " Charlie" and he was an old miner. I think we had only been in the house about a month and we were still settling in. On this particular day I was playing in the back bedroom and happened to look out of the window. To this day I clearly recall an old man wearing a flat cloth cap, white shirt, waistcoat, and pit boots; digging at the top of the garden. As I have said. I was only four and I assumed it was someone my parents knew. So i went outside to say hello to him. As I got close to him I could clearly see it was Charlie, in the process of digging the garden over. ( Charlie always grew his own vegetables ). I must state, that at no point do i recall feeling scared or that anything strange at all was happening. I said " hello Charlie ", I'm sure he had a little smile on his face. Then he just stopped digging and he seemed to be talking to someone who I couldn't see. I heard him say " I'm off now love", and he just walked down the garden path, down the drive, and I lost sight of him then. A true memory. I told my family who said I had imagined it. Except for my grandmother who said she believed me, but never told me why. A little footnote to this is; when my grandmother passed away in the early nineteen nineties she had a long illness, and the last words she ever spoke to me were" I'm off now love ".


One late night around 2am I awoke to a feeling of someone touching my feet,the room was dark but I lifted my head to see.I looked towards the bottom of my bed expecting to see my Mum or Dad, but what I thought I saw was my Dads cousin ,but it was late and she never comes anyway,on a second glance I realized that this was not so.Now petrified I could only guess that we had burglars in the house .I realized that I had to raise the alarm or try and get my dads attention but he would be asleep in the other room.At this point my heart was pounding I put my head deep into the covers trying not to make the person in my room realize I was awake. After what seemed to be a life time but in reality was only a minuet or so I peeked to see what was happening,when I looked up the person was bending over my bed looking right into my face,my eye's shut immediately.My heart was now in my mouth the fear was indescribable I dared not make a sound I was frozen in my bed .After a while and in the darkness of the bedroom I had to take another look, this time the person was at the far side of my room looking at my Goldfish tank I moved pretending to turn over in my sleep at this point the figure just seemed to vanish into thin air. I tried to make sense of what had happened,thinking about it I think what I saw was a Ghost .I realize what I had seen was a lady in her later years wearing a golden yellow shawl around her neck,this was no burglar.In one thought I was happy that it was only a ghost but what about the next day,I would have to go to bed again.

Thankfully this never happened again. Kirsty.



I can sympathize with Kirsty's story.When I was laid in bed again late I woke up for some unknown reason.The strangest thing was about to happen to me.My body went stiff, you could say frozen solid,I had the feeling of something touching me, my wife was fast asleep so no luck their, but this feeling of my body being frozen solid was very scary.The pressure on my body felt like some invisible entity touching me allover I could feel every touch from my head to my toes.My heart was in my mouth sweat running down me petrified was the only word.After a while I must have dosed off back to sleep,bedtime was never the same.